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Samsung Egypt files complaint over fake products

Egypt’s primary smartphone-provider said it sent a complaint to the Consumer Protection Authority about fake products sold on "some TV-channels".

Samsung, global leader in digital convergence, revealed its market plan for 2013, where it aims to grow closer to the Egyptian consumer and plans to initiate a competition for application developers.

Samsung – Wael Zain
Samsung's Product Manager Wael Zain at the press conference

“This year, we want Samsung phones to be available for everyone. We will target all groups in the Egyptian society to give each person what he exactly needs,” Product Manager Wael Zain explained during a press conference.

In 2013, the company plans to offer more affordable android smartphone devices, more appealing high-end phones, the new REX-series with a new touch wide screen range and the messaging flagship application ChatOn 2.0.

Last November, Samsung manufactured and released the best-selling mobile devices in the Egyptian market, owning over 40% of the mobile market share and 60% of the smartphone market monetary value. It also conquered 50% of the market’s smartphone-quantity.

Zain ensured that the company looked at Egypt for additional investment, besides the factory and complex it is building in Beni Suef, which will be primarily responsible to import the technology-know-how.

Samsung also filed an official complaint at the Consumer Protection Authority against suppliers of fake Samsung devices, which had spread their advertisements throughout various TV-Channels. It is hoping for action against these channels in order for them to refuse any “unoriginal” ad that carries the company’s name.