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Samsung develops travel photography with Wi-Fi-enabled long-zoom cameras

Samsung releases a new line of cameras that allow Wi-Fi-Sharing among users with advanced optical zoom options.
Samsung Corporation | 24.09.2012
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd, a global leader in digital media and digital convergence technologies, recently announced the launch of a new range of Wi-Fi enabled travel zoom cameras. The WB850F and WB150F enhance the advanced optical zoom and image quality that the WB range is known for, with Wi-Fi capability to facilitate sharing and saving images. With a compact, light and durable design, the new zoom series from Samsung make the perfect travel companions.

Samsung’s innovative new SMART Wi-Fi technology allows users to transfer their images to other devices without using cables; facilitating the process of sharing and storing images. Users can also take advantage of the integrated free storage space from Samsung’s AllShare Play and Microsoft Sky Drive to make their photo accessible anywhere.

“With the introduction of the WB850F and WB150F digital cameras, Samsung aims to continue dominating the Wi-Fi enabled camera market,” said Duke Park, General Manager of Samsung Egypt. “Over the years, we have been able to successfully stand out against our competition, and are planning to maintain our leading position in the market with our state-of-the-art range of cameras. We are constantly keen to provide the market with cutting-edge technologies. As such we work hard and pioneer in offering the most innovative technologies to our digital imaging savvy consumers.”

The latest additions to Samsung’s Digital cameras range allow users to email photos or share them on social networks and post videos to YouTube in a few simple steps from any Wi-Fi hotspot. The WB850F and WB150F also enhances capturing incredible detail through their zoom lenses, making it simple to get up-close shots that were once out of reach.

Featuring the most advanced lenses; the WB850F offers a 21x optical zoom, while the WB150F is equipped with an impressive 18x optical super zoom. Further, in order to capture the detail at its best, all travel zoom models feature upwards of 12 Megapixel sensors (16.2 Megapixels on the WB850F and 14.2 Megapixels on the WB150F). The WB850F also features the pioneering BSI CMOS sensor technology to reduce image noise and distortion, even in low light conditions. This crystal-clear detail can then be experienced in all its clarity on the 3.0” VGA AMOLED screen featured on both models.

Moreover, the WB850F is equipped with GPS and Live Landmark features, enabling users to download maps and find out information on nearby locations with the touch of a button through the MapView function. The camera’s Digital Compass can also give users their location and tell them how far they are from certain locations.

On the other hand, the WB150F features fantastic 720/30p HD recording, ensuring that once-in-a-lifetime experiences are captured in the same color and vibrancy that existed in real life. Also with the Split Shot feature, camera users can divide the screen into three separate shots and create up to three different photographs by simply blending them together to create a whole new view of their travels. Whereas using the Magic Frame feature allows them to capture their target in the middle of a fun background.

The WB850F and WB150F are the latest addition to Samsung’s digital imaging portfolio, which includes a wide range of unique products that Samsung constantly works to expand.