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Vodafone Egypt makes Mobile Self-Care Solution available

mCare empowers subscribers to manage their accounts from mobile devices and Vodafone Egypt decided to pick up on that.
Vodafone Egypt | 09.07.2012
MobileAware, which builds exceptional mobile engagement channels, today announced that Vodafone Egypt, the largest telecom operator in Egypt, has deployed MobileAware’s self-care solution, mCare, to its customers. MobileAware implemented the solution in less than four months, on time and on budget.

mCare, which empowers subscribers to manage their accounts from mobile devices, provides an optimized mobile experience for the user. Subscribers can easily view current usage, pay bills, add and delete services, and top up pre-paid balances with MobileAware’s solution, which is platform agnostic and works on virtually any mobile device type.

“We aspired to deliver mobile self-care to customers to provide an outstanding customer experience that meets the growing demand for mobility,” said Ahmed M. Shaalan, Senior Manager, Enterprise Systems Technology Products & Services Delivery, Vodafone Egypt. “We discovered MobileAware, and within three months we had a working mobile self-care presence that leapfrogged everything our competitors had attempted. The results were even better than we’d imagined. MobileAware not only handled the technology aspects, but also provided valuable advice on how to foster adoption.”

mCare brings value to both the operators and the subscribers. Operators can considerably reduce operating costs by deflecting calls to the customer care centers. At the same time, subscribers are able to proactively manage their own accounts on their own terms, resulting in higher customer satisfaction ratings.

“mCare provides a rare opportunity for operators to quickly improve their bottom line while simultaneously offering their customers substantial benefit,” said Armin Gebauer, CEO, MobileAware. “Right now, mobile self-care is an attainable luxury for companies and their subscribers. Given the rate of mobile adoption, this technology will soon become an expectation and therefore a necessity.”