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Injaz Al-Arab awards member nations at Annual MENA Training

At the training, new curricula of Injaz Al-Arab were presented along with the strategic direction for the upcoming academic year.
Injaz Egypt | 26.02.2012
Injaz Al-Arab recently held its fourth Annual MENA Training (AMT) in Broumana, Lebanon for all Injaz Al-Arab staff members. Injaz Al-Arab invited guest speakers HE. Joseph Maalouf, Senior Partner - Effiqual Management Consultants inc. and Member of the Lebanese Parliament, and Mr. Michel Daher, Veteran entrepreneur and investor to an opening panel highlighting the importance of entrepreneurship in today's economic turmoil, were they provided expert advice on entrepreneurship and shared success case studies through their personal accounts.

During the main panel discussion Daher and Maalouf discussed the key elements that lead to their professional accomplishments in addition to stressing that success can still be found through entrepreneurial endeavors despite the state of the current global economy. The expert advice of the panel was inspirational for the attendees of the annual MENA training.

Participants and attendees were provided with an opportunity to network and share their own ideas. At the training, new curricula of Injaz Al-Arab were presented along with the strategic direction for the upcoming academic year.

For the first time during the AMT Injaz Al-Arab launched and distributed the Member Nations Awards: Media Award, Collaboration Award, Junior Achievement Compliance Award, Student Growth Award and Best Practice Award. These awards honored those who demonstrated an exceptional level of achievement in the categories most suited to the values which Injaz Al-Arab signifies.

Injaz Bahrain was awarded the JA Best Practice Award for JA More than Money. Its detailed submission was chosen as a result of the quality of program delivery and Bahrain's enhanced volunteer communication tools. The Collaboration Award was given to Injaz Saudi Arabia as it fulfilled the necessary criteria for the award by helping another Member Nation to receive a grant.

The JA Compliance Award was handed to Injaz Jordan, Injaz Palestine, Injaz Qatar and Injaz Bahrain. This award pertains to criteria of compliance, commitment and diligence. The Student Growth Award was given to the member nations based on their student growth; Injaz Egypt and Saudi Arabia were granted this award as they were the two who surpassed the other member nations in growth rates.

The Media Award is granted to the outstanding performance of a Member Nation that shows advanced work in Advertising, Print, TV, Radio, Public Relations (External and Internal Communications), Direct Marketing as well as social media presence in Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, and their corporate website. Injaz Egypt won this award for showing admirable work especially in their social media- being active on Facebook and Twitter with over 4,000 fans and more than 1,500 tweets respectively.

Under the umbrella of Junior Achievement Worldwide, Injaz Al-Arab is the only organization in the MENA region which equips Arab youth with practical business-related skills as part of the regular educational curriculum. Injaz programs offer students with educational opportunities that will strengthen their innovation, deepen their understanding of the business world, and provide them with the proper skills and knowledge to succeed in the global economy.

The Injaz chapters which participated in fourth Annual MENA Training included; Jordan, Egypt, Bahrain, Lebanon, Oman, Palestine, UAE, Qatar, Morocco, KSA, Tunisia, Algeria and the Injaz Al-Arab regional office.