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YBN launched in Egypt

What's YBN brand & who we are?
YBN Properties | 06.02.2012
YBN “You Build Nation” is a clothing brand, newly launched by a group of Egyptian youth entrepreneurs, specialized in Men, Women & Kids casual wear.

Our Mission is to contribute in the superiority of this industry as we’re launching in several targeted countries (Turkey, Australia, UAE, Egypt, Qatar & very soon in Spain) as these markets will help us convey our brand globally & conquer the world smoothly.

We have a great qualified team that is dedicated to fulfill your needs in receiving the best outfit in terms of quality & fashion at affordable prices what ever it takes from us.

Not only we aim to serving you but also we work on developing means of communication & unity between you & your community. We are presenting a brand that attracts & fits everyone as well as providing MONEY CREATION OPPORTUNITIES for all our clients & customers.

So all what we can tell you is our system secret which is:

By building “Your Business Network, You Build Nation”