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A startup project all about promoting talent in a sustainable manner and bringing society together by creating the truth.
Gehad Hussein | 09.01.2012
Imagine a place, where you have the space to talk about anything you want without limits and where you can bring out who you are, what you believe in and whatever ideas you have in your own personal way of expression.

Now imagine a world where your talent or passion becomes your source of income and the projects you enjoy working on become sustainable.

In 2012, this place and world will launch in no other country than Egypt. This world is called “Fekretna” (in English: Our Idea). is a website all about connecting talent-holders to sponsors, pushers, publishers etc. and its team consists of three members: Ahmad Eissa (Founder), Mo’men Sherif and Ahmed Magdy (Web-Developers).

Ahmad Eissa, an Egyptian entrepreneur and the founder of Fekretna, tells Egypt Business Directory about his idea and mission: “We – as Fekretna – want to promote talent in a sustainable manner; not only in the virtual world of the internet, but also offline. The concept is going to be more like a huge blog, where people upload their writings, music, photography, business and social ideas and wait for ratings and comments. All content will be in Arabic, so that the international Arab-speaking community can connect and discuss.”

When a user uploads the fruits of his talent, people start rating the work and commenting on its content or implementation. The users with the best ratings become “a project” for Fekretna – i.e. if a writer gets very high ratings on an article published on the website, the Fekretna-team will go to famous writers, magazines, publishing houses etc. and work on turning this talent into a sustainable project with a future.

If a user uploads a business or social idea and gets the highest ratings, the idea will be passed on to panels. These panels – such as societies and companies like Coca Cola, Pepsi and Vodafone – decide whether the idea meets their vision or not and whether or not they are willing to sponsor it.

Of course, people are usually afraid to publish their ideas and pieces of work or art online, since they can easily be copied or stolen. Not a problem for Fekretna: The company is already a registered entity and every user – given he asks for it – can get the copyright of his own work through Fekretna.

Yet, this is not all – Eissa added that his personal interest lies behind the idea: “People need to see the truth - and putting together two sides of the same coin creates the truth. Everyone expresses their truth through their own talent on the website, and thus, we create common grounds for all humans.”

Lack of discussion is the biggest problem in Egypt, in Eissa’s point of view. His dream is that people talk to each other about their differences instead of running away from them and consider them taboos or reasons to ignore each other. Being afraid of saying what we think is the result of 60 years of suppression, he claims. It is natural that people cannot discuss anything together, without taking it on a personal level.

The project has been brewing in the laboratory since April 2011 and will hopefully launch between the 17th and 19th of January 2012.
Yet, one hiccup remains: transforming the virtual community into a real one. Fekretna believes that the solution to this lies in three different factors: Firstly, connecting with the users directly through Facebook.

Secondly, holding trimonthly “offline” workshops for the writers and photographers that use the website, where they can exchange ideas and styles.

Thirdly, to create an annual magazine where the highest-rated posts of the year are published and a radio station called “Fekretak” (in English: Your Idea), where people who have succeeded through Fekretna can tell others about their experiences and their personal dos and don’ts. Paying forward is a key pillar of this start-up. “We want to bring the idea to life, and let it become a self-nourishing, self-pushing, self-educating society,” Eissa explained.

As for the business-side of Fekretna, the founder elaborated: “We will be the partner of the people uploading their talents and projects onto the website and gain 20% of their annual profit for the first three years of their success – no matter if they win or lose. This money will also be used in expanding Fekretna and supporting other projects and ideas. Fair share comes to those who create, not those who are brokers.”

Lastly, Eissa told Egypt Business Directory how the name “Fekretna” was chosen: “You have an idea and I have an idea and we need each other’s support – mentally at least. When we support each other, your idea and my idea becomes our common idea – Fekretna.”

Do not miss’s launch during this month and stay tuned to find out more about startups in Egypt.