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A New step for the Indian Investments in Egypt

“The Bajaj Indian Auto” company leading manufacturer of vehicle 3-wheeler (tuk tuk) and the 4th largest motorcycle manufacturers in the world today.
“The Bajaj Indian Auto” company leading manufacturer of vehicle three-wheeler (tuk tuk) and the fourth largest motorcycle manufacturers in the world today.

The launch of motorcycle new Boxer 150 bike without any problems with engine capacity of 150 cc by using “Exhaustec” technology environmentally friendly and fuel-efficient and that the design of new bike was in accordance with the requirements of the Egyptian market, making it the bike safe and distinct, fixed on the road and a solid reliable in the most difficult conditions of movement and travel.

In this context, the Indian company today (14 November)will start a Marathon from the foot of the pyramids called“Marathon Bajaj”, which will take a cycle in all Egyptian governorates over 13 days, and it will end in Aswan, 15 bike Boxers will be in this marathon cutting a distance of 2500 km to confirm the strength and quality of manufacture motorcycle new.
On this occasion, Dr. Raouf Ghabbour, Chief Executive Officer of “Ghabbour” company: The launch of the Boxer 150 new desire “Ghabbour” to increase its presence in the Egyptian market during the next phase, which confirms the potential of Egypt's economic vast capacity to assume a privileged position, both at the regional and international .
Commenting on the specification Boxer 150, says Professor Ghassan Kabbani, director of operations for the sector, motorcycles and (tuk tuk) company Ghabbour: Boxer 150 is characterized by attractive features and high technology at a competitive price to encourage all segments of society to own this bike.
The new bike is collected and marketed by the company “Ghabbour”, a leader in the automotive industry in Egypt through a wider network of branches and agents in all parts of the country, including the customer service facilities and spare parts.