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Supporting SMEs: MCIT Meets Companies to Announce for Projects and Tenders of L.E. 50 Millions

In collaboration with ITIDA, ministry of Communications and Information Technology holds a meeting entitled "Communication for Development".
In collaboration with Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA), ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) holds a meeting entitled "Communication for Development".

The meeting will be held with more than 800 Egyptian small and medium enterprises (SMEs) working in the sector, in order to announce projects and tenders of L.E. 50 million that extend till June 2012. SMEs can get benefited from and participate in holding these projects and tenders through a number of sectors related to communications and information technology (ICT) in order to develop the domestic demand and enhance Egyptian SMEs work in the field.

During the meeting, these projects that fall under the umbrella of the national plan for development of Sinai area will be announced. Worth to mention, MCIT has quickly adopted a comprehensive program to develop both North and South Sinai governorates using communications and information technology tools as a part of strategic activities priorities developed by the ministry to be executed along the coming period.

This program aims to communicate with NGOs and civil society organizations in Sinai to achieve a maximum benefit of information technology tools. Projects proposed in the program also aim to meet the needs of Sinai people in the field of human development through International Computer Driving License (ICDL) and training of about a thousand youth on the basics and computer applications.

In this context, community-service related small projects will be launched through websites to market Sinai manual crafts, raise SMEs' capacities and raise the abilities of civil society, in particular, in the field of literacy.

In relation to the field of infrastructure, there will be an announcement on preparing 30 technology houses connected to the Internet, developing technology infrastructure of four schools and supporting the service of establishing landline phones exempted from administrative expenses.

Among the projects mentioned, there is a project aims to support public prosecution information centers and Estate Notarization offices in Cairo, Giza and Alexandria. This project also seeks to provide a high level technical support team that can deliver a distinguished service to the public prosecution information centers within these governorates in addition to guarantee their maintenance and the stability of the service level they provide.

To note, this meeting will also witness the announcement of the implementation of the second phase of national network for citizen Health, Ain Shams Cardiac Care Unit project and the draft e-mail to all ministries and government authority.

In Conclusion, this meeting comes in the context of MCIT strategy to develop SMEs sector and to activate its development that it would be an effective sector in IT industry economics through offering a multitude of programs and stimulus packages that can develop the capacities of these companies and help them to participate in pushing the development forward.