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BNP Paribas Egypt Announces Winners of Joint Campaign with MasterCard

EGP 80,000 worth of prizes distributed to Five Winners of BNP Paribas MasterCard Credit Card Holders.
BNP Paribas | 24.10.2011
BNP Paribas Egypt announced five BNP Paribas MasterCard Credit Card winners in a campaign launched in cooperation with MasterCard Worldwide. Additionally, BNP Paribas Egypt announced three other winners from the personal loans clients in another campaign launched by the bank during the same period from April 17, 2011 until June 30, 2011. The joint campaign's prizes totaled EGP 80,000, while the prizes of the personal loans campaign totaled EGP 100,000. A celebration was held at the bank's head office in the 5th settlement to deliver the grand prizes in the presence of BNP Paribas officials including Mr. Jany Gerometta, Managing Director and Country Head - BNP Paribas Egypt, Mr. Varun Sridhar, Head of Retail Banking, Mrs. Maha Elsayed, Senior General Manager of Retail Banking and MasterCard Worldwide representatives. This celebration was held following the draw under the supervision of the Ministry of Social Solidarity.

Mrs. Maha Elsayed, Senior General Manager of Retail Banking - BNP Paribas Egypt said, "The bank proved that it has not been affected by the recent developments in Egypt as this campaign was one of the most successful campaigns. The bank recorded the highest new clients' acquisition rate, the highest MasterCard credit Card issuance rate and the largest number of transactions made with MasterCard credit cards throughout the campaign. In terms of loans, personal loans related to retail banking increased to EGP 1.448 billion at the end of last September."

Mr. Magdy Hassan, vice-president and country manager, Egypt, MasterCard Worldwide said, "This campaign in collaboration between BNP Paribas and MasterCard comes after the recent developments in Egypt this year. It is our pleasure at MasterCard Worldwide to continue our support for BNP Paribas Egypt, to renew our full commitment with the bank to the Egyptian market, due to the importance this market represents and the promising opportunities for the future. It is with great pleasure that we witness together the happiness of BNP Paribas MasterCard Credit Card holders as they easily and safely use their credit card for purchases without the need to carry cash."

The first prize, for BNP Paribas' campaign in cooperation with MasterCard, is worth EGP 30k, the 2nd worth EGP 20k, the 3rd, 4th and the 5th are worth EGP 10k each.

As for the campaign of the personal loans by BNP Paribas, it granted the winners cash prizes invested in three-year certificates of deposit. Winning customers will enjoy the monthly return and thus the investment of the granted cash prize over 3 years, obtaining at the end of that period EGP 50,000 for the first prize, EGP 30,000 for the second prize and EGP 20,000 for the third prize.

BNP Paribas Egypt's lucky winners expressed their happiness. Mr. Mustafa Ahmed said, "I felt extremely happy when I learned that I'm one of the winners. I depend on BNP Paribas MasterCard Credit Card in all my purchase transactions, which is more convenient and safer than carrying cash. I'm also confident in BNP Paribas and the bank's customer service is excellent, as I'm being treated as a partner, not as a client."

Expressing his joy after winning, Hossam Sobhy said, "I did not expect to win and I was very happy to be among the winners of the campaign carried out by BNP Paribas in cooperation with MasterCard. I've been dealing with BNP Paribas for three years through a number of branches and their service in all branches is exceptional, this includes both managers and staff; therefore, I always depend on BNP Paribas MasterCard Credit Card in all my purchase transactions."