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Job Offer: Domestic Contracts Senior Lawyer

Bachelor’s degree of Law (Major : English) and experience in Domestic Contracts are required.
Elaraby group | 28.02.2021

Job Description

  • Reviews local contracts, except for the current ownership contracts concluded with local companies that need to be renewed, which belong to all group companies, with the aim of continuing the existing project with local companies.

  • Preparing and reviewing the study of local contracts, except for new property contracts that are negotiated for the first time legally, and making amendments until the final contract form is reached for approval.

  • Discusses and negotiates local contracts, except for property contracts, with the concerned activities of the Al-Arabi Group of Companies, the Board of Directors and the Executive Council, with the aim of determining the requirements of Al-Arabi Group of Companies and defining the principles of negotiation with local companies to prepare the required contracts.

  • Negotiates with local companies according to the instructions of the Board of Directors in resolving contracting problems with other companies with the aim of reaching a final solution in proportion to the legal aspect and the interest of Al-Arabi Group of Companies.

  • Prepares reports related to local contracts, except for property contracts, in accordance with the requirements of the Board of Directors, in order to support decision-making.

  • Review all the work of the local contract attorney in order to achieve the action plan.

  • Performs the other works assigned to him related to his work for the purpose of achieving the goals.

Job Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree of Law (Major : English)

  • Experience in Domestic Contracts 

  • Good knowledge of law in general and intellectual property rights

  • Very good communication skills

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