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01.04.2018 - 01.04.2018 | Conference

Learn more about major infrastructure projects underway or being planned in the Egyptian Sector and discover the latest innovations.

2030 Mega Projects Conference
April 2018, Cairo

2030 Mega Projects

Changes in the pattern of trade are occurring worldwide due to new methods of transport and new alterna-tive routes. Globalization have created new transport methods and new alternative routes and roads in Europe, Asia, Middle east and Africa.

Egypt is embarking on a new era in the transport system implementing the new 2030 vision to connect Africa and the Middle East with Europe and Asia. As a main leader in the area it is considered due to its strategic location as connectivity hub between Eastern and Western world and North and South of Africa.

Egypt is embarking on a multibillion dollar investment plan to develop multimodal transportation in the coun-try as it continues to stabilize economically. Egypt’s government is securing greater levels of both foreign and domestic funding for transport mega-projects in order to heighten the annual trade volumes and improve the overall economic sustainability. Recently, there has been significant investment in the transport sector in the country. Witnessing the completion and inauguration of the Suez Canal expansion project of dredging parallel to waterway advantage. In addition to a number of development projects, metro exten-sions, numerous numbers of port expansion projects and improvement in road and rail networks are taking place and due to develop in the coming years.

Ministry of Transport is preparing list of investment projects worth of $13.5 billion till 2030 that will return Egypt to the world investment map. This strategy will point out the megaprojects and investment opportuni-ties available in all of the transport sectors. Already started to implement mega projects and still many more due be established in the rail, metro, subways, multimodal and urban transportation, maritime, logistics, ports and shipping. Targeting to connect the many new industrial areas being recently developed in Egypt in a thorough network to ensure the availability of commodities for competitive prices and thus increasing the competitiveness of the local industrial sector on the regional and international level.

2030 Mega Projects in the Transport Sector Objectives includes:

-Mega projects in the sector of infrastructure, mass and urban transport, maritime transport and logistics
-Development of facilities and the promotion of maritime transport, including global developments in the shipping industry.
-Modernize and develop the network of existing roads to provide greater comfort, capacity and safety, also to expand this network to meet future needs for development.
-Development of inland waterways of the river transport service and provide the highest levels of security.
-Making plans for the establishment and development and strengthening of railway networks on the national level.
-Develop plans to establish subway networks (Cairo Metro).
-Work on the development of land ports and enhancing their performance.