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29.03.2016 - 31.03.2016 | Cairo, Egypt | Conference

Creating a platform to increase multimodality and examine projects and technologies to maximise capacity safely and efficiently

2nd Annual Future Rail and Metro
29 - 31 March, 2016 - Cairo, Egypt

Officially under the patronage of Egypt’s Ministry of Transport and supported by the Egyptian National Railways and the Cairo Metro, this summit will discuss the development of Egypt’s rail and metro networks and devise solutions to the most pressing challenges.

Egypt has long been far too reliant on its road network,with overcrowded and dangerous roads causing a large number of problems. As part of a national strategy to rectify this, the country has embarked on a program to vastly increase the capacity of its rail and metro networks,launching projects to modernise existing routes whilst creating vital new networks.

With major projects on the horizon such as the recent tender of Cairo Metro line 4, the creation of a new high speed rail network and the development of the country’s freight network, this is a sector witnessing major growth as part of Egypt’s vision for the future.

Implementing all of these ambitious projects will not be without its challenges however and this conference will seek to serve as a platform to address these issues and provide recommendations as to how best to modernise rail and metro systems.