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Manufacturer in Egypt

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AIRA 4MATIC VALVE AUTOMATION is USA based valve and Automation manufacturing company -
China Topper Forged Valve Manufacturer Company produces superior-quality forged steel gate valve, globe valve, check valve, ball valve since 1988.
one biggest company in oil and gas in egypt
Microcyber Corporation. is established in 2003, and locates in Shenyang, China. As one of leading suppliers of fieldbus products
NOV Rig Technologies
NOV Wellbore Technologies
NOV Completion & Production Solutions
Petrosannan Company is producer of oil and gas in Egypt
i am dealing mining company
Air Liquide is specialized in Industrial Gases (Oxygen, Nitrogen, Argon & Acetylene) as well as Carbon Dioxide
Falcon Valves & Flanges Pvt Ltd, India. We are in Business of Manufacturing of Valves & Flanges.

Valves - Gate, Globe, Check, Butterfly, Ball etc
Jonloo Valve Company is a leading Valve Manufacturer, Valve Supplier, Pipe Fitting Supplier based in China, produces Jonloo Valves and China Valves.
Firefighting specialist. Full range of products and systems under one roof.
Natural Steels is one of the leading copper, brass, and stainless steel products suppliers and exporters.
Nivz Jacketed Ball Valve, Steam Sulphur Jacketed Ball Valve, Sulfur Jacketed Ball Valve, Sulphur Ball Valves, Jacketed Sight Glass Manufacturers
أحمد حسيني أحمد قاسم
مهندس ميكانيكا
موبايل/ 01025795452
Our Company manufactures and hires out special tool for drilling and subsea trenching
1. Valves:
Ball valve, gate valve, globe valve, check valve, butterfly valve, needle valve, Y strainer etc.
2. Fittings:Butt-weld and screwed
Lifting, Welding and Safety