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Building-Material Industry in Egypt

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  • The Suez Canal Corridor: What's the plan?

    The Egyptian government planned a project to develop the Suez Canal Axis and is calling for investors to pitch in. Here is their plan.

    15.05.2013 | Egypt Business Directory

  • Transformative infrastructure investments can have a multiplier effect on African economies

    Hisham El-Khazindar, Managing Director and Co-Founder of Citadel Capital, explains how they raised US$234 million for the national railway of Kenya.

    24.10.2011 | Qalaa Holdings

  • Rift Valley Railways Investments Turns a Corner Ahead of Major Loan Signing

    Rift Valley Railways Investments (RVRI) of Kenya-Uganda has reported US$ 674,000 in EBITDA for the month of June 2011.

    22.07.2011 | Qalaa Holdings