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Chat conquers the world

Webinar 13.02.2023

Microsoft has implemented Chat GPT, while Google has only Bard. There are chatbots, which offer therapies. Indians pay digitally, and Apples earns.

Microsoft has ChatGPT

Satya Nadella, the CEO of Microsoft, announced it's a new day for search, for sure, it's a new day for Microsoft, because for 13 years, they have been trying to get out of their single digit numbers with Bing, because Bing has never been successful compared to Google. Now, they could be, because open AI is financed by Microsoft, and so they have ChatGPT, the version four of the language model, and they implemented it in Edge, the browser in the sidebar, and in the search engine, Bing.
Right now, they have a waiting list for only basic things, which are for free and waiting lists where you have to register.
The big advantage compared to a GPT3 and open AI is that the Microsoft version has all data until recently, while chat ChatGPT has only the data until 2021.
The motto of Microsoft is technology increases human productivity.
What does that mean for companies like you? train your employees in acquiring knowledge through digital media. How to Google right, how to use ChatGPT, how to use sources and to know how reliable sources are and not to believe in fake news.

Google has only Bard

While Microsoft is happy with chat GPT, Google is developing its own language model called LaMDA language model for dialogue application. But it all turns out to be dialogues with your computer.
They are just improving the feedback system, that means you can complain when the answer is not right. And this is how the learning system learns. But it's not easy for Google, because even the founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, had to come back to the office and help develop the AI.
What does that mean for you as a company? Assess your competitors right, and in this case, Microsoft was much faster than Google, or maybe Google was thinking it over because they don't believe in the AI solution they offer.

Chatbot offers therapy

There is a chatbot called Replika developed as an emphatic virtual friend. It was Eugenia Kuyda from San Francisco, who developed this chatbot because a friend died in a car crash, and she wanted to model her friend in order to keep on talking to him.
She succeeded. The model is very successful and a lot of people use it. But now the Italian Data Protection Authority came and said this doesn't work in the European Union where we have the law prohibiting the use of personal data or at least giving limits, especially in the case of minors, and of mentally unstable power persons who could be influenced by this Chatbot.
So, watch out when you use personal data, watch out how you use it, especially when you're active in the European Union, and develop an age check. And this is until now a real problem to have via working age tech in digital media.

Indians pay digitally

What the Chinese can do with WeChat Pay and Alipay the Indians can now do. They don't really like Chinese software because it's spying software, that's what the Indians say. So they have their national payment Corporation, and this national payment Corporation developed UPI, which was a unified payment interface. And it's the company PhonePe who implemented this so the Indians can now pay in the Arab Emirates and Singapore and Mauritius when they go shopping, with their Indian rupees,
I know you Egyptians have the same, and you have Fawri and they partner with Orange and there will be great solutions. I know from a friend who went to Russia. And he was very happy in Moscow, even though his credit cards didn't work because the Russians are boycotted by the US, his Egyptian one worked. And in the future, it will all be done. Not with the credit card, but with digital payment and it is very easy and very convenient.
So what do you have to do as a company? try to simplify any kind of payment, try to make it as easy as possible for people. So they don't need a credit card, they just put their phone on something or their watch on whatever.

Apple earns with subscriptions

We just learned how to make money on the internet, and Apple is already doing this. They have 1 billion paid subscriptions with services like iCloud, Apple Music, Apple TV plus, Apple arcade, Apple news plus Apple fitness plus…etc. What does all this plus mean? It means the basic product is for free, but the plus is a premium, and the premium is for money. They have 21 billion US dollars revenue just from these subscriptions.
What does that mean for you, as a company? develop subscription services so you can collect money every month, every week, every year, whatever.

But one piece of advice, make the cancellation simple. Because we have some bad examples here in Germany, of companies who make it really difficult to get out of the subscription and this should not be, or you make a law and I know that Egyptians are very good at that and very fast like India.

Torsten Schwarz
Absolit Consulting

Author of 25 books and one of Germany's leading digital marketing experts. He is keynote speaker and giving seminars and workshops.