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It’s all about AI

Webinar 23.01.2023

Google reacts to ChatGPT and promises better sources. Everyone is talking about AI and every day we are discovering new uses for it.

Google reacts

Google is threatened by ChatGPT because it is easy to ask it and get a perfect answer, it accelerated the development of Sparrow that will be released in 2023, besides releasing last May the demo for Flamingo, which combines text and image processing from the previous Chinchilla and Perceiver.
What does it mean for your company? The time you had to ask your boss is over, put all your resources in a chatbot and ask it all the questions.

Richard Socher challenges google

Socher is a worldwide reputable scientist of AI, he has his own AI search engine that can answer most complex questions and gives much more detailed answers and you can define the sources which solves the issue of ChatGPT.
What do we learn from this? Gather your company’s knowledge and make it available so an AI chatbot can give this knowledge to others.

AI in writing
DeepL is a German company from Cologne and they have a very good translation tool. Now, they added a new feature called DeepL Write to improve your own texts using AI. It can correct grammar, spelling and style of text.
Your employees can use this to improve the quality of their texts.

AI in advertising
Sushi-Bikes, the German bike startup, they don't have much money for ad campaigns, so they decided to use Dall-E. The AI made the photos and they just added text, all of this for free.
What do we learn? You can now use AI for corporate photos.

AI for scammers

The crazy phishing mails that cause issues with computers, you usually recognize them because they have poor English, but the company WithSecure asked AI to create phishing emails and they were very convincing.
What do we learn from this? Warn your employees against clicking the links in these emails and watch for the sender reputation of your mail and theirs you can use technical tools to check your sender reputation.

AI to talk
Microsoft researchers published a paper about VALL-E which can create voice deepfakes, that needs only 1 min of talking and then can reproduce the voice. These can be helpful for example if you do radio ads, you can create them automatically.

AI for Excel
If you use Excel, and you have a column and don't know what to put in it, you can use AI to help you, using Rows, and it will include it automatically. The fee is $50 per month, but if you don't use it so much, you can use it for free.
Provide AI to employees to produce free content and improve quality of writing, images, ads, voice and excel sheets.


Torsten Schwarz
Egypt Business Directory

Digital marketing expert and author of 25+ books, is an online marketing guru in Germany, known for starting one of the world's first web servers.