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It's all about Data

Webinar 13.11.2022

Data collection and data visualisation are the future, and companies know that. That's why Truveta collects diseases and Hopper hoards travel data.

It's all about Data
Celonis is valued at 13 billion and produces nothing but business data. Hopper makes its money in enriching travel data.

Truveta collects diseases
Terry Myerson wants to give doctors more information with his start-up Truveta. To do this, he collects anonymised disease data from the healthcare system. Whereas in 2021 the company obtained data from eleven sources, it now has 25. This information is processed visually and made available to doctors.

Hopper hoards travel data
Today, Hopper is one of the most popular travel apps with over 80 million downloads and an expected turnover of 4.5 billion US dollars this year. It just closed a new $96 million funding round from Capital One. Yet the company once pursued completely different goals. Founded in 2007, Hopper built the largest database for travel information. It was not until 2014 that it repositioned itself as a comparison app for airfares.

Celonis visualises data
Business process mining. Sounds boring, and it is. Celonis, with a valuation of 13.2 billion US dollars and 2.4 billion in funding since 2011, shows that it is nevertheless important. The company uses Process Mining to optimise workflows. The latest product is called "Process Sphere" and does not analyse just one process as before, but brings several processes into context. This enables weak points in the process to be recognised and eliminated. The information is presented in the form of a vivid map reminiscent of an underground map.

Surfe sucks LinkedIn dry
The start-up Surfe offers a browser extension that connects LinkedIn to one's own CRM ??. HubSpot, Salesforce, Pipedrive and Copper are compatible. Not only can data from LinkedIn be loaded into the CRM, but it is also possible to use the CRM interface in LinkedIn. Sales people can thus stay on LinkedIn and still have access to their information from the CRM.

Gmail gets curious
Once a product has been ordered, most people wait eagerly for the shipping confirmation to know when their package will arrive. In the future, you will no longer have to open the corresponding e-mail in Gmail. Instead, the delivery date is displayed directly under the subject line. There are connections to Parcel, Route, Aftership and Shopify.

Torsten Schwarz
Absolit Consulting

Torsten is author of 25 books and one of Germany's leading digital marketing experts. He is keynote speaker and giving seminars and workshops.