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AMEinfo: QNet offers opportunities within direct selling industry through internet

QNet, a global direct selling company announced strategic plans to expand its business in Egypt.
17.09.11 | Interesting article at AMEinfo

QNet, a global direct selling company announced strategic plans to expand its business in Egypt. This is expected to create a positive impact on the Egyptian economy by creating numerous job opportunities for people, and providing opportunities for Egyptians to sell the company's products anywhere in the world through the internet, whilst enabling foreign investment in the Egypt.

This was announced in a media roundtable held by QNet on Thursday September 15th, in the presence of a group of journalists and media professionals. Mr. Zaheer Merchant confirmed that he considered this meeting an important opportunity to highlight the company's plans for its business in Egypt. Entering the Egyptian market is an important step in strengthening the company's position in the Middle East, as Egypt is a key player in the region due to its great capabilities and high purchasing power of the Egyptian consumer.

Mr. Merchant explained that the direct selling industry, which QNet has been in for almost 14 years, is a growing and exciting one that provides companies with a channel to distribute and sell their products and services directly to customers. The industry allows businesses to connect with customers one-on-one, be it in person, online, over the phone or through catalogue sales. Direct selling creates a unique distribution method that fosters community interaction while bringing additional income, personal growth, and peer recognition to distributors.

Mr. Merchant also illustrated the difference between pyramid schemes and direct selling.

"Pyramid schemes are often disguised as direct selling businesses but are fraudulent in nature as no real products are sold, while commissions are based only on the number of new members introduced into the scheme. Thus a pyramid scheme is based purely on recruitment and not sales," he explained, adding that this is a major and fundamental difference between pyramid schemes and a legitimate direct selling business such as QNet, which depends on the sale of products to conduct and sustain its business.

Also, pyramid schemes charge money just to enroll people. Ultimately, only those involved in starting the scheme make money, and when no new individuals can be recruited, the scheme fails and most of the promoters, except the top ones, lose all their money. QNet does not charge anyone to join the business, and neither does it pay commissions when anyone is recruited.

Mr. Merchant pointed out that the direct selling business provides individuals with the opportunity to earn extra money, which helps improve their living standards. He added that direct selling does not necessarily have to be a full time job although a significant number of its distributors have gone into it full time, convinced in the industry's ability to provide them with a rewarding income.

Egypt has much to offer in terms of tourism and that is an area that QNet hopes to promote. Through its QVI Club memberships, the company offers a variety of holiday packages online for members to purchase and sell. Sales of these packages encourage domestic and foreign tourism from QNet members around the world. QNet already has in place, great partnerships in the tourism sector with leading hotel chains and resorts in various markets. This is an ideal area for QNet to explore within Egypt as well, and something which he felt the company would be excited over as a prospect given the rich and diverse history, culture and scenic locations available.