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Less volumes and higher prices for Egyptian strawberries

The Egyptian fresh strawberry season is about to come to an end, making way for frozen strawberries.
19.06.24 | Source: Hortidaily

Kadah: "Despite a 6-7% increase in surface area, reaching more than 50,000 feddans (21,000 ha), production was down this season. We've had an unfavorable climate, characterized by high rainfall and temperatures."

The exporter continues: "The difficulties on the production front have been offset by commercial success. Demand was strong and prices were higher than last season. For the fourth year running, Egypt has maintained its position as the leading origin of strawberries, with a 20% share of the world market."

According to the exporter, the 2023-2024 season is marked by an extension of the harvesting period, due to the constant increase in acreage in various regions of the country.