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Thousands of tourists face unprecedented crisis in Egypt

The German travel and tourism group FTI’s bankruptcy has thrown the itineraries and payments of 11,000 tourists in Egypt into disarray.
13.06.24 | Source: Egypt Independent

A bizarre and unprecedented situation has left thousands of tourists stranded in Egypt after the European company that sent them there declared bankruptcy.

Minister of Tourism and Antiquities Ahmed Issa met with the German and Austrian ambassadors to address the crisis and ensure tourists receive the services they paid for.

The meetings aimed to assess the situation of tourists currently in Egypt on FTI Group packages, ensure they receive promised services, and address the outstanding payments to Egyptian hotels and tourism companies

The Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities has been in close communication with the Egyptian Tourism Federation and has been informed by the German ambassador that FTI Group had insolvency insurance, safeguarding the dues of Egyptian hospitality establishments.

The measures taken by the Ministry to deal with the current situation in this regard were also reviewed, including continuous communication with the Egyptian Federation of Tourist Chambers, and providing it with the details of the official letter sent by the German ambassador in Cairo to the Ministry.