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Egypt’s Leading RiseUp Summit is Back Under the Theme “Powering Through”

RiseUp, the renowned summit for entrepreneurs and innovators, returns for its 11th edition at the prestigious Grand Egyptian Museum 16-18 May.
17.05.24 | Source: Egyptian Streets

RiseUp, the renowned summit for entrepreneurs and innovators, returns for its 11th edition at the prestigious Grand Egyptian Museum. Between 16 and 18 May 2024, the highly anticipated event will bring together prominent speakers, startups, and industry leaders to share their journeys of growth, resilience, and collaborative efforts in navigating the challenging landscape of business and innovation.

Celebrating the theme of “#PoweringThrough,” RiseUp Summit ’24 promises to inspire, empower, and foster a sense of unity within the entrepreneurship ecosystem. With an array of exciting features, insightful speaker sessions and valuable networking opportunities, the event is set to be a catalyst for transformation and success.

RiseUp Through The Years: Reflecting on the Journey

As part of RiseUp Summit ’24, attendees will have the opportunity to experience a virtual reality journey, “RiseUp Through The Years.” Partnering with 5DVR, this immersive experience will take participants on a captivating retrospective, highlighting the evolution, setbacks, and triumphs of the entrepreneurial community. It serves as a testament to the resilience and growth of the ecosystem.

Creative Marketplace: Showcasing Local Talent and Culture

In collaboration with Turathna and MSMEDA, RiseUp Summit ’24 presents the Creative Marketplace. This platform celebrates local artisans, designers, and creators, offering them a space to exhibit their unique products and services. Attendees can explore the rich cultural heritage of the region while supporting local businesses and entrepreneurs.

Sports Business Brunch + Walkathon: Promoting Health and Collaboration

Partnering with Trifactory Run, RiseUp Summit ’24 introduces the Sports Business Brunch and Walkathon. This initiative combines the spirit of sports and entrepreneurship, encouraging participants to engage in a healthy walkathon while fostering connections and collaborations within the ecosystem. It is an opportunity to rejuvenate, network, and exchange ideas in a dynamic outdoor setting.

Startup Padel Cup: Uniting Entrepreneurs on the Court

In collaboration with Partment and SR Padel, RiseUp Summit ’24 presents the Startup Padel Cup. This friendly tournament brings together startup founders, investors, and industry professionals on the padel court. Beyond the competition, the event serves as a platform for networking, building relationships, and fostering a sense of camaraderie within the entrepreneurial community.

Speaker Highlights: Learning from Resilient Entrepreneurs

RiseUp Summit ’24 boasts an impressive lineup of over 350 global speakers who have overcome significant challenges in their entrepreneurial journeys. 

From Hisham Kharma (Music Composer, Producer & Creative Director at KharmaWorks), El Waili (Music Producer), to Ismail Sarhank (Co-founder & CEO of Menthum), these speakers will share their personal struggles, setbacks, and the strategies they employed to bounce back and achieve success. 

Attending RiseUp ‘24

Through immersive experiences, insightful sessions, and networking opportunities, attendees will gain valuable knowledge, forge meaningful connections and emerge empowered to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of business. 

The summit is sponsored by ITIDA, Vodafone, Event House, Alchemy Studios, Paymob and MO4 Network. 



Don’t miss this chance to be part of an inspiring community that embraces challenges and emerges stronger. Book your ticket now to secure your place at RiseUp Summit ’24 and join the collective journey toward a brighter future.