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Egypt-Built Julius Nyerere Hydropower Dam in Tanzania Now 97% Complete

The USD 2.9 billion project, built and run by Egyptian companies, would double Tanzania’s energy input and enhance agriculture.
16.05.24 | Source: Scene now

Tanzania's Julius Nyerere Hydroelectric Power Project, overseen by a consortium of Egyptian companies, has reached its final stages, with completion standing at 97.74%. The Egyptian Minister of Housing recently visited the site to inspect progress and highlighted the strong bilateral relations between Egypt and Tanzania.

Once finished, the dam, spanning 1,025 metres and boasting a storage capacity of approximately 34 billion cubic metres of water, aims to double Tanzania's energy output, deal with flooding risks, and enhance agriculture. The hydroelectric facility aims to address Tanzania's energy deficit by providing sustainable power to over 60 million citizens. Additionally, the project is set to employ thousands of Tanzanians, Egyptians, and other foreign workers, contributing significantly to the local and regional economy.