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Philip Morris Egypt raises prices of cigarettes for 2nd time in 2024

For the second time this year, Philip Morris Egypt raised prices for packs of Marlboro, Merit, and L&M cigarettes by 5 EGP.
23.04.24 | Source: Ahram Online

According to the new prices, a pack of Merit cigarettes will now cost EGP 90, up from EGP 85. The price of a pack of Marlboro cigarettes increased to EGP 84, up from EGP 79. A pack of L&M cigarettes will now cost EGP 64, up from EGP 59.

Meanwhile, Philip Morris Egypt kept the official price for a pack of HEETS Selections heated tobacco sticks, HEETS Dimensions heated tobacco sticks, and Terea heated tobacco sticks at EGP 64.

In February, Philip Morris raised the prices of all its products by EGP 8-11.

Earlier this month, Egypt’s Eastern Company also raised the prices of its cigarettes by EGP 5.

Cigarette prices in Egypt have increased multiple times in 2023 amid the decreasing value of the Egyptian pound against the US dollar.

According to recent official data, approximately 18 million of Egypt’s 105 million population are smokers.