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Egypt’s Marsa Matrouh project: A gateway to economic growth and african integration

The recent MOU for the creation of a Turkish logistic industrial zone in Marsa Matrouh is a significant leap in economic development.
21.04.24 | Source: Africa 24

Egypt’s Strategic Industrial Expansion: The Marsa Matrouh Project

Egypt is on the verge of a significant leap in its economic development with the Ministry of Transport’s recent announcement of a memorandum of understanding for the creation of a Turkish logistic industrial zone in Marsa Matrouh. This ambitious project is not merely a construction endeavor but a multi-faceted initiative poised to reshape Egypt’s economic landscape by creating job opportunities, attracting global investments, and reinforcing Egypt’s pivotal role in Africa.

Three Things to Know:

1. Job Creation and Economic Diversification:
The Marsa Matrouh project promises to be a substantial economic boon for Egypt, potentially generating over 20,000 jobs. The varied sectors targeted by the project, including industry, tourism, logistics, and information technology, indicate a strategic move towards diversifying Egypt’s economy. The comprehensive nature of the project, which encompasses the development of commercial ports, free trade zones, and logistical facilities integrated with the railway network, positions it as a catalyst for both direct and indirect employment opportunities across various industries.

2. Strategic Positioning and Trade Enhancement:
Egypt’s strategic plan capitalizes on the advantageous location of Mina Jarjoub to enhance its trade volume, particularly with African countries. The intent is to solidify Egypt’s influence within the African continent and beyond. The establishment of a logistics directorate and the support of complementary industries are expected to transform the area into a dynamic trade and industrial hub. This will not only facilitate the flow of goods but also stimulate economic growth through increased trade relations and the promotion of value-added industries.

3. Global Investment and Tourism Development:
The project’s vision extends to the global stage, with an aim to attract investments from around the world. By creating a conducive environment for industries and establishing global tourist centers, Egypt is looking to broaden its economic appeal and boost its share in the global tourism market. The potential development of a private airport further underlines the project’s commitment to creating an international nexus for trade, tourism, and business, thereby enhancing the country’s global connectivity.


The Marsa Matrouh logistic industrial zone project represents a transformative opportunity for Egypt and its integration within the African and global economy. By combining infrastructure development, job creation, and international investment, the initiative is set to foster significant economic growth and diversification. The project’s alignment with Egypt’s strategic goals of enhancing trade relations, particularly within the African continent, and promoting tourism and global investments, could usher in a new era of prosperity and development for the nation.

The successful implementation and operation of this project by early 2026 as planned could serve as a powerful testament to Egypt’s economic potential and vision. Furthermore, the potential ripple effects across the African continent, in terms of augmented trade and investment opportunities, could facilitate greater regional integration and cooperation. The Marsa Matrouh project is poised to be a pivotal chapter in Egypt’s economic narrative with the promise of reinforcing its stature on the continent and on the global economic stage.