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Egypt’s Instapay Breaks New Ground with Interactive 3D Advertising

Instapay, Egypt’s leading digital payments innovator, is poised to change the face of advertising with the country’s first-ever 3D ‘out-of-home.
20.02.24 | Source: Egyptian Streets

Far from traditional billboards, Instapay’s upcoming cutting-edge campaign aims to plunge viewers into an unforgettable visual journey. With a creative concept showcasing the relentless evolution of speed, the campaign spans prehistoric beasts through to the wonders of spaceflight.

This epic visual narrative culminates in Instapay’s unmatched ability to facilitate lightning-fast financial transactions. The brand’s closing slogan, “إنستاباي زمن في إحنا” (Instapay: “In an era of its own”) hammers home their commitment to staying ahead of the curve.