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Egypt’s desert shrimp farming pioneer

Egyptian desert has the potential to be a successful shrimp producing region.
02.01.24 | Source: The fish site

Can you briefly describe your aquaculture career?

I obtained a doctorate and a master’s degree in aquaculture, but upon graduation, I worked as the production manager of the Al-Amana Feed Factory until 2013. Then I worked in tilapia farms for my family in Kafr El-Sheikh. I have been the director of Delta tilapia and shrimp farm in Wadi El Natrun since 2019.

What inspired you to become a shrimp farmer?

We were looking for an alternative to tilapia culture, and shrimp was the ideal solution. What helped us were the factors available at our Wadi El Natrun farm, such as the salinity of the water and the appropriate climate for vannamei shrimp culture.