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Egyptian Space Agency to launch EgyptSat 2 in December

The satellite was built using a grant of $92 million overseen by the China National Space Administration, and will be launched from China.
28.11.23 | Source: satelliteprome

The Egyptian Space Agency (ESA) has announced the upcoming launch of EgyptSat 2, a remote-sensing satellite scheduled for liftoff on December 3, according to a report by Cairo Scene.

Distinguished as the first mini satellite model of its kind in Africa, EgyptSat 2 boasts a notable 35% of its components manufactured locally. With an operational altitude of 350 km and a 2 km resolution capability, the satellite marks a significant advancement in space technology.

Collaborating with the Chinese government, ESA tested EgyptSat 2 at its Satellite Assembly, Integration, and Testing Center (AITC) in 2022. The primary objective of this testing phase was to enhance the satellite’s capabilities for tracking Egypt’s water resources, contributing valuable insights to resource planning and land management initiatives.

Funded by a $92m grant overseen by the China National Space Administration, EgyptSat 2 is set to be launched from China. The satellite’s technological capabilities underscore ESA’s commitment to localising space science technology, showcasing advancements achieved through international collaborations.

With its focus on EgyptSat 2, ESA is actively engaged in cooperative efforts with entities in Kenya, Uganda, Ghana, Sudan, and Nigeria. The aim is to launch a collaborative satellite project named ‘The African Development Satellite,’ aligning with ESA’s broader mission to propel advancements in space science and technology on the African continent.