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94% of Egyptian commuters expect contactless fare payments on public transport

Around 94 percent of Egyptian commuters expect contactless payment options to be available on public transport, according to a survey.
15.11.23 | Source: Ahram Online

The survey reveals that Egyptian transit riders want an integrated system that allows booking trips and payments across different mobility options through a single digital platform.

The Future of Urban Mobility Survey polled over 11,500 commuters in 12 countries including Egypt aimed to understand existing transit habits and future preferences.

In Egypt, 36 percent of respondents currently rely on public transportation as their primary mode of transport. They use it mostly for leisure activities (56 percent) and work commutes (46 percent).

However, the fragmented nature of booking and payments is clearly unsatisfying. A whopping 72 percent of Egyptian respondents said they currently juggle four or more payment methods to get around.

"Public transport plays a vital role in how people travel within Egypt, whether it is for work or leisure. By breaking down barriers and integrating services, public transit services can empower individuals regardless of age, ability, or socioeconomic status," said Malak El-Baba, Egypt’s Visa manager.

Having a unified system could drive more transit usage. Over half or 55 percent would tend to try different options if payments were integrated.