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SAP Event in Egypt Spotlights Green Tech Transformation

Key experts, leaders, and visionaries convene at a significant SAP event in Cairo to discuss the intertwined future of green energy and digital transformation.
09.11.23 | Source:

A seminal SAP event recently held in Cairo, Egypt, has brought together expert, leaders, and visionaries from various fields to explore the interconnected future of green energy and digital transformation. Emphasizing the importance of combining SAP technology and sustainability, the event aimed to foster an environment-conscious and technologically adept society. Several Egyptian organizations are setting an example by embracing digital advancements to push their sustainability initiatives. Not just transforming their operations, these enterprises are redefining the role of technology in achieving environmental stewardship. Abu Qir Fertilizers, a leader in the fertilizer industry, integrated advanced platforms like SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud and SAP Signavio into their framework. This integration resulted in improved product costing precision, inventory management, and operational efficiencies, aligning with Egypt's Vision 2030. AMOC, too, is undergoing a digital overhaul, implementing SAP infrastructure and security best practices for better business operations. The SAP event highlighted a range of sustainability solutions offered by SAP, aimed at allowing organizations to measure and manage their environmental contributions. The event comes at a time when innovative solutions are required to address global environmental issues, with SAP's commitment to sustainability positioning it as a key influencer in the evolution of green energy and digital transformation. The SAP event was thus a major statement on the intent and commitment of industry leaders towards a future combining green energy and digital advancement.