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Egypt's Exponential Rise in Exports to Saudi Arabia in 2023

Egypt's exports of melons to Saudi Arabia has doubled in just eight months of 2023, setting new records for the year.
07.11.23 | Source:

According to reports by EastFruit, Egypt has seen a significant boom in its melon exports to Saudi Arabia by doubling its export volumes in just the first eight months of 2023. The surge includes exports of both watermelons and melons. From January to August 2023, Egypt exported 16,500 tons of melons, twice that of the previous year and two and a half times more than the average over the past five years. In fact, watermelon shipments have already increased by 80% compared to last year's total and melon exports are currently 2.4 times higher. Furthermore, Egypt is likely to increase its melon exports significantly in the remaining four months of the year. Typically, exports to Saudi Arabia from September to December account for about a quarter to a third of annual shipments. Despite being one of the world's major producers of melons, Egypt's exports have not yet brought substantial dividends to the country's economy. However, with the recent surge in exports, there is scope for economic advancement. Saudi Arabia, although not a leading importer, is a key player in the global melon and watermelon market, providing opportunities for product placement on premium supermarket shelves as well as in stores with less stringent quality requirements. Saudi Arabia is now on track to set a new record for imports of both watermelons and melons in 2023.