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El Gouna Film Festival Rescheduled: Oct 27 - Nov 2, 2023

El Gouna Film Festival has postponed its upcoming edition amidst disturbing situations. The festival is now scheduled to run from October 27 to November 2, 2023.
13.10.23 | Source: Egypt Today

The El Gouna Film Festival, initially set for an earlier date, has been postponed due to deeply troubling circumstances leading to unfortunate loss of lives. The official dates for the festival are now October 27 to November 2, 2023. The GFF team, despite the postponement, remains committed to hosting the festival. This edition will use the opportunity to amplify the festival's central theme, 'Cinema for Humanity'. The film festival has a reputation for its dedication towards enhancing cultural interaction, shedding light on different world views and encouraging a high standard of quality in the cinema industry. While the rescheduling might be a disappointment for many cinema enthusiasts, the team's decision stems from a place of concern and consideration for the circumstances. The festival management hopes to offer a rich programme that will help the spread of cultural dialogue, understanding, and appreciation of different artistic dimensions.