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China's Xiaomi launches new smartphone in Egypt

Chinese smartphone giant Xiaomi has unveiled its latest device, the 13T, in Egypt. The new device, which features a 50MP camera and updated imaging algorithm, was launched at a ceremony in Cairo.
10.10.23 | Source: Xinhua

Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi has launched its latest offering, the 13T, in Egypt, according to a statement from the company. The latest handset was unveiled during a launch ceremony at the Grand Egyptian Museum in Cairo, on 9th October 2023. The new offering, which went on sale in Egypt the following day, is equipped with a 50 megapixels camera and incorporates an updated imaging algorithm. This, according to Xiaomi, allows its latest product to capture everyday moments and lively street snaps alike. During the launch event, photos and videos showcasing Egyptian cultural features, all taken with the new model, were displayed, thereby underlining Xiaomi's imaging capabilities. The company has already established a factory in Egypt, which produces phones and other smart devices. This has not only resulted in job creation but has also brought economic benefits to the locals. Xiaomi is set to continue deepening its cooperation with Egypt, and plans to provide more quality products and services for Egyptian consumers. This launch forms a part of the company's strategy of deepening ties and expanding its footprint in the North African country. This move by Xiaomi further solidifies its place in the Egyptian market and underscores its commitment to providing advanced and quality tech products to consumers across the globe. The addition of the 13T to Xiaomi's product range in Egypt is expected to strengthen the company's standing in the smartphone market and offer consumers more options when it comes to choosing advanced tech devices.