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Tourism Ministry Explains Hotel Floating Bridge Collision in Upper Egypt

The Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities details an incident where a floating hotel crashed against a bridge during its journey on the Nile river in Upper Egypt. The hotel was making its trip from Cairo to Luxor devoid of any tourists.
25.09.23 | Source: Egypt Independent

The Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities released a statement clarifying the events of a recent incident involving a floating hotel on the Nile river. The accident, which occurred in Upper Egypt's Minya Governorate, saw the floating hotel colliding with a bridge during transit. Notably, no casualties were reported as a result of the accident. The ministry's statement elaborated that the floating hotel was in transit from Cairo to Luxor and was notably absent of any tourists at the time of the accident. The collision induced a rupture in the hotel's body, leading to water flooding the first level of the structure. The quick thinking of the hotel's captain helped avert any major disaster. He skillfully maneuvered the damaged float to dock it, ensuring minimal disruption to navigational activities on the Nile River. Further, every member of the crew was able to disembark safely post-collision. Meanwhile, investigations led by the prosecution in the case are still ongoing. The statement also highlighted several administrative issues regarding the operation of the floating hotel. The hotel had been operating on an expired tourist operating license since May, which had not been renewed. The hotel was stationed in a workshop in Helwan over the past four months, where it was undergoing necessary maintenance to resume operation in the winter season. After the completion of all renovation and maintenance work, the hotel's management had managed to acquire a passage permit from Cairo to Luxor. Upon docking in Luxor, the hotel was due to receive a comprehensive inspection from the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities to renew its operating license, scheduled for October 1.