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New ‘Egypt Metro’ App Designed by Cairo University Student

Cairo University student, Osama Hamdy, created the ‘Egypt Metro’ app, providing a valuable navigational tool for metro commuters who found navigation challenging.
24.09.23 | Source: Egypt Independent

Using his experience as a frequent metro commuter, Cairo University student Osama Hamdy has designed the 'Egypt Metro' application aiming to ease transportation by metro for numerous commuters relying on it. Hamdy found that many people shared his initial difficulty in navigating the metro system. The ‘Egypt Metro’ app shows the route, line and direction of travel based on the user's specified start and end points. If there is a change in line, the app displays the change and indicates the right station, line, and direction to take. As an added feature, the app also shows ticket prices, station names on the route, and even identifies the nearest station to the user. Hamdy has learned programming after joining Cairo University and has managed to create this helpful app using online tutorials and educational websites. The concept of the app was derived from a website Hamdy had initially designed, which received positive feedback from his friends. Despite the hurdles in implementing the idea, Hamdy remained passionate and committed to provide a solution for the metro commuters. He continues to improve the app by regularly updating it based on user feedback. This endeavor stands as a testimony to how technology can be used effectively to solve everyday problems.