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Egypt's New Wage Increase Effective from October 1

The new wage and pension increment in Egypt implemented from October 1 are the latest measures announced by President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi.
19.09.23 | Source: Egypt Independent

President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi has announced that a new wage and pension increase in Egypt will be implemented starting from October 1. This was revealed by Talaat Abdel-Qawi, the head of the National Alliance for Civil and Development Work. Legislation related to the new wage increment and pensions will be issued during the first week of October, which is less than a month away from now. These new measures reported by Abdel-Qawi via a telephone interview with “al-Nahar” satellite channel also revealed that the President's measures about the wage and pension increment will be presented to the House of Representatives by October for finalization. Along with the President's new measures, the President has also given directions for increasing the minimum wage for state servants. He has directed that the minimum gross income for all state officers be increased to LE 4,000 from LE 3,500. This wage increase is part of the several measures the President announced on Saturday. The package of measures and recommendations issued on Saturday by the President will be presented by the government to the House of Representatives, elaborates Abdel-Qawi. The specific numbers and financial sums will be dealt appropriately to enact the laws and legislation.