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Behind the Success: Decoding Mobinil’s Community-Focused Marketing

Mobinil's 2012 community-focused ad, Dayman Ma’a Ba’ad (Always Together), revolutionized Egyptian TV marketing. These themes of community and unity have continued through its rebranding as Orange in 2016.
24.09.23 | Source:

The article discusses Mobinil's famous 2012 ad campaign, Dayman Ma’a Ba’ad (Always Together), which achieved unrivaled success with its themes of community, sharing and unity. The success of these campaigns prompted a shift in Egyptian TV marketing, inspiring other companies to employ similar strategies. Even after its rebranding as Orange in 2016, the company continues to align its marketing strategies with these community-focused themes.The article further explores how the company's distinct marketing choices, in contrast to other communication companies' focus on speedy connectivity or an array of services, have generated interest and speculation. The brand's emotionally charged advertisements and its alignment with community values aim to establish a solid presence in people’s lives and create a loyal customer base, especially in collectivist societies like Egypt. The various iterations of the company’s community-focused advertisements over the years are also explored in the article.