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Egypt purchased 3.8 million tons of wheat from local farmers this season

The Egyptian cabinet announced in a statement that the Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade purchased 3.8 million tons of wheat from local farmers.
18.09.23 | Source: ahram online

The statement added that Egypt's strategic wheat reserves are sufficient for around five months.

The Egyptian government raised the price for wheat procurement from local farmers in the current season to EGP 1,500 per ardeb (1 ardeb = 150kg), up from EGP 1,000 per ardeb last season.

The government had initially planned to procure four million tons of local wheat supplies from farmers during this harvest season.

Egypt imports 12 million of the 18 million tons the country consumes annually, according to 2022 figures.

The country seeks to reduce the impact of the disruptions in global food supply chains -- triggered by the conflict in Ukraine -- and the rise in commodity prices by encouraging farmers to increase wheat supply to the government.