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For the first time, EgyptAir arrives in South America

EgyptAir operated its first charter flight between Cairo International Airport Egypt, and São Paulo (Guarulhos), Brazil at 05:58 (local time) on Sep 3
07.09.23 | Source: Egypt Independent

This achievement represents the Egyptian airline’s first flight to South America.

The inaugural flight was operated by an aircraft with a capacity of 309 passengers, with 30 seats in business class and 279 seats in the economy class.

According to data provided by the Tourism Authority and the marketing agency Egypt Flights (Master Flights), the first scheduled flights maintain an occupancy rate ranging between 68 percent and 71 percent.

Egypt Flights also announced that a total of 17 flights will be operated between September and April 2024, which will allow travelers to access travel packages from 13 to 15 days, with an offer that includes a total of 4,944 seats.