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US Embassy in Egypt concludes camp on threats of AI and misinformation in media

Digital Skills Camp dealt with the advantages and risks of artificial intelligence (AI) in media, and the creation of ethical media content.
21.08.23 | Source: Ahram Online

According to the ACC, the 14-day program provided 40 amateur content creators and young journalists with the opportunity to critically evaluate media messages and create their own ethical content with the help of professional media practitioners and university professors.

Through 57 hours of seminars and workshops, participants were able to acquire the needed skills for creating advanced audio and video content, broaden the scope of their media messages, network with like-minded individuals, understand the advantages and risks of AI in the media, and find ways to counter bias, manipulation, and misinformation.

“The U.S. Embassy is proud to offer this camp and to provide young people with the knowledge needed to critically assess the information with which they are bombarded every day, at the same time, learning practical skills to create ethical content using images, audio, or video production tools,” Peter Winter, U.S. Embassy in Egypt’s Spokesperson, said.

During the camp's closing ceremony on Wednesday, Winter stated that the Embassy in Cairo will continue to support efforts to counter disinformation and work closely with the Egyptian people to increase mutual understanding through arts, culture, and exchanges.

By the end of the camp, participants produced 12 video projects on diverse topics, including consumer behaviour on social media, AI and copyrights, media addiction, and the impact of social media on language.

The ACC, the U.S. Embassy's primary cultural and educational centre in Egypt, offers a variety of free in-person and online programmes and educational opportunities to promote open communication and cross-cultural understanding.