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Is this fashion’s watershed moment in Egypt?

It takes more than glossy runway photos to make fashion a major source of revenue in a relatively young market like Egypt.
26.05.23 | Source: Egyptian Streets

It takes more than glossy shots of a catwalk, dazzling shows and glamorous exhibitions to turn fashion into a major revenue source in a relatively young market such as Egypt’s. When it comes to growth potential and leaving room for new local brands to claim a sizable market share, the next few years may turn out to be fashion’s watershed moment in Egypt.

Summer is not usually a popular season for fashion designers; it does not bring with it an array of rich, dark hues, fabric embellishments or impeccable patterns that can add more texture and expression. Despite this, the beginning of May — the gateway to summer — was when the first fashion week in Egypt took place.

A Week in the Limelight

There were no glistening sea waves nor tropical palm trees to create a typical ‘summer aesthetic’ for the event. Instead, the event took place in the heart of old Cairo, home to some of Egypt’s most famous heritage sites including mosques, madrasas (Islamic colleges), churches, museums, and fountains.

Against the scorching hot summer weather, Egypt’s community of fashion designers, models, photographers and creatives all gathered to celebrate the best of Egyptian fashion, art, history, and culture.