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Egypt to Take Swift Action to Provide Foreign Exchange for Fodder Needs

The Egyptian government and the Central Bank of Egypt agreed to take quick measures to provide foreign exchange to increase the quantities of fodder.
11.04.23 | Source: See news

During the meeting, the Minister of Agriculture presented a report on the quantities of fodder required during the coming period, stressing the need to provide sufficient quantities that meet the needs of poultry farms, causing a drop in feed prices, in a way that supports local production of poultry and table eggs, and prevents soaring inflation.

At the end of the meeting, it was agreed that the banking sector would take prompt measures to provide the necessary foreign exchange resources to increase the quantities of fodder in the local market, and to accelerate procedures for releasing shipments of yellow corn and soybeans to maintain the continuity of poultry production cycles in farms, and to avoid any interruptions in production.