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Russia's invasion of Ukraine has had wide-reaching effects, including trade and partnerships in Egypt

Tourism in Egypt has also been hard hit by the war, and the government says more investment is required.
22.03.23 | Source: Business Insider

Russia's invasion of Ukraine has presented Egypt with complex diplomatic challenges. Egypt's long-standing strategic alignment with the West is of increasing importance, and Russia's actions in Ukraine have led Egypt to condemn the aggression and violence wrought by the war. The effects on Egypt's economy, particularly for trade and tourism, where Russia has previously been a key partner and contributor, particularly through supplying wheat, have led the Egyptian government to seek opportunities to develop new international partnerships and intensify existing ones.

"Egypt sits at the crossroads of so much — Africa and the Middle East, Europe and the Arab world," said Nathaniel Greenberg, professor of Arabic at George Mason University in Virginia, USA. "The conflict in Ukraine is once again recasting Egypt's place as a linchpin" in international politics.

Although Cairo has had to walk a difficult diplomatic tightrope, it has demonstrated its clear position towards Russia's war on Ukraine. On 23 February 2023, Egypt once again sent a powerful signal to the world as it voted with the overwhelming majority of countries at the UN to demand that Russia withdraw its forces from Ukraine. Egypt was one of 141 nations to approve the resolution in favor of Moscow's immediate withdrawal from the whole of Ukraine and an end to the fighting that secures a comprehensive, just, and lasting peace on Ukraine's terms — with only seven countries voting against. This latest vote followed Egypt's support of the equally decisive UN General Assembly resolution of 2 March 2022 deploring Russia's invasion of Ukraine and calling for the withdrawal of its forces.