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ITIDA: The abundance of tech talents in Egypt help outsourcing players realize global delivery potentials ahead of time

Collaborative Efforts Bear Fruit as Advansys and Celfocus Celebrate Successful First Milestones in Egypt.
23.03.23 | Source: Zawya

The Ambassador of Portugal in Egypt, Mr. Rui Tereno, and CEO of Egypt’s Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA), Eng. Ahmed ElZaher witnessed a ceremony marking the successful launch of Celfocus’ technology development center in Egypt; in collaboration with Advansys, the global technology solutions provider.

Leveraging the country’s capabilities as a top global outsourcing destination, the two companies celebrated successful first milestones of hiring a top-notch IT service delivery team of professionals and senior software developers in Cairo to serve Celfocus’ business operations in Europe and the Middle East.

CEO of ITIDA, Ahmed Elzaher, commented: “With the strong growth of the offshoring industry in Egypt, we are happy to be part of this successful and fruitful business partnership between Advansys and Celfocus”. Elzaher said that the abundance of Egyptian tech talent helps outsourcing players realize their global delivery potentials ahead of time.

“Egypt enjoys a compelling value proposition and qualities including the abundance of talent, high-quality digital infrastructure, government support, and its strategic, unique central location,”. ITIDA CEO added. With over 600,000 graduates join the workforce each year, Egypt offers the largest and youngest multilingual talent pool in the Middle East and second largest in EMEA region.