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Top Innovative AI-Based Startups in Egypt (2023)

Egypt is now a flourishing hub for startups focused on artificial intelligence (AI), transforming sectors like e-commerce, healthcare, and education.
18.03.23 | Source: Marktechpost

Given its long history as a center of invention and technology, it is not surprising that Egypt is now a flourishing hub for startups focused on artificial intelligence (AI). These firms are utilizing AI to transform various industries, including e-commerce, healthcare, and education. Here are a few of Egypt’s most cutting-edge AI startups:


WideBot is a platform for chatbots that uses AI to offer assistance and customer care to businesses. It employs NLP and machine learning to give individualized solutions to customer inquiries, automate customer care, and minimize response time. Companies can adapt a variety of chatbot templates from WideBot to their specific requirements. Users only need to choose a template or use the drag-and-drop interface to create a custom bot without coding knowledge. 

Crowd Analyzer

Crowd Analyzer provides organizations with the most precise and pertinent data so they can better understand their consumers’ needs and, as a result, develop the most effective social media campaigns and marketing plans. The solution analyzes hashtags, phrases, and words across social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, news, etc., to choose the most popular subjects in people’s interactions using machine learning, artificial intelligence, and natural language processing.


Weelo offers a digital supply chain solution for streamlining the interaction between retailers and suppliers. Weelo is a digital marketplace that uses machine learning, artificial intelligence, and predictive analytics to allow B2B retailers and suppliers to connect, interact, and collaborate in more scalable and effective ways. Its solution offerings include real-time order administration, warehouse auditing, field sales management, analytics and reports, and more.


MerQ provides chatbots using AI and NLP for the finance industry. It creates a virtual financial assistant to help finance organizations engage with their customers more effectively. Through AI-based virtual assistants (chatbots) that save users time, provide information and recommendations to assist Egyptians in making informed financial decisions, and on the other end, provide financial institutions with insights for better offerings, MerQ aims to close the gap between financial institutions and their users.

AvidBeam Technologies

Avidbeam offers AI-based video analytics and optimization solutions to businesses. It combines big data analytics tools to quickly and accurately handle and analyze enormous amounts of video streams. It provides state-of-the-art solutions for target markets such as Smart Retail, Smart Cities, and Smart Buildings. It covers various topics, including business intelligence, security, and public safety.


BlinkApp is an app that monitors driver behavior and notifies emergency services and the user’s personal network in the event of a road accident. Moreover, it provides instant accident confirmation and quick accident detection without requiring the phone to survive the accident. In the event of accident claims and other situations, it also benefits insurance companies. The app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.


Webville uses computer vision and artificial intelligence tools to provide solutions to companies and individuals. It develops deep-learning models for various sectors, including security, media, fashion, and gaming. One of their notable offerings, Artville, is an AI-based photo-editing tool enabling E-commerce companies to automate their photo-editing process instantly. Some other applications include making heat maps, traffic and pedestrian counts, photorealistic media creation, night vision to daylight video transformation, and video analytics. 

Talents Arena

Talents Arena is a technical hiring portal powered by artificial intelligence. The platform makes it easy for developers to discover jobs that fit their expectations and skills. Additionally, it aids in their preparation for the interviews. It helps businesses by conducting on-demand technical evaluations, code reviews, one-on-one interviews with software developers, and giving companies a comprehensive strength report for the applicants to reduce the time spent on finding the right Developer.


DevisionX offers Zero-code Seamless AI-vision solutions to businesses.

 They are assisting industry professionals in developing AI & Computer Vision solutions to their everyday problems using Zero-Code without needing prior AI experience. Their platform,, is a No-code AI platform that automates the machine learning process for businesses. The platform aids users in a managed and flexible approach for labeling, training, and deploying their AI-vision applications. 


Nothing is more tiresome or time-consuming than standing in long queues. Qme offers a digital queue management tool to address this issue. It is a real-time, AI-powered digital queuing application with fully automated user handling. Customers can use it to enter a line for any service before going to the designated location. With Qme, users can select a service, a partner, a recommended or preferred branch, and a ticket with just a few clicks from their smartphone.

Print Life

By collaborating with top hospitals, medical facilities, and healthcare systems, Print-Life helps them use MRI, and CT scans more effectively by converting them into three-dimensional models that are simpler, less expensive, and more effective. This improves the effectiveness of surgical procedures, decreases the amount of time required to complete the needed surgery, and increases the success rate. It provides models produced using three-dimensional printers that are frequently employed in orthopedic, cardiology, cancer, urology, pediatric, and dental fields.