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Know more about 1st sugar cane field to use modern irrigation methods in Qena

Sugar cane cultivation is one of the important crops in Qena Governorate, on which a large number of farmers rely.
22.01.23 | Source: Egypt Today


With the announcement of the launch of the national project for cultivation with seedlings and modern irrigation, a senior farmer in the village of Al-Makhdama in Qena Governorate initiated the cultivation of sugar cane crops on his land using the method of seedling and drip irrigation to increase the productivity of an acre of cane, and rationalize irrigation water.


The experiment succeeded, under the supervision of the Directorate of Agriculture in Qena and the competent authorities, and proved its effectiveness compared to submersion cultivation in other crops.


This field is the first pilot field in Qena Governorate, as a prelude to start expanding its cultivation, in line with the state's interest in modern methods of agriculture, especially the cultivation of sugar cane, since Qena Governorate is the first in the cultivation of sugar cane at the level of the Republic.