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Start: Egypt initiative supporting local industry

Egypt has taken great steps that qualify it to localize local industries and even attract foreign investments for manufacturing directly within it.
27.11.22 | Source: Egypt Today

The government has exerted great efforts to support the Egyptian industry through different steps as part of the "Start" initiative.   


Dr. Mohamed Abdel-Samie, a member of the "Start" initiative team, said: "The state has been preparing to achieve an industrial boom for almost a year, as the state was preparing to equip industrial zones and roads, in addition to linking between full internal trade and free trade."

He added that the initiative came before major crises such as the Russian-Ukrainian crisis and the supply chain crisis, as the state was planning well to develop the Egyptian industry.


He pointed out that the "Start" initiative worked on 8 complete industrial sectors, starting with increasing the value added on agricultural raw materials, or on mineral resources, and providing professions in order to increase the volume of internal trade.