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This year's visitor turnout is huge as last year, there are also many new new companies, despite the spread of COVID-19 pandemic.
16.02.22 | Interesting article at Xinhua

More than 450 exhibitors from over 20 countries are attending the 5th Egypt Petroleum Show held in the Egyptian capital of Cairo, to seek business and identify solutions to reshape the global energy market.

The three-day expo, which started on Monday, is North Africa and the Mediterranean's most important oil and gas exhibition that brings together government representatives, global CEOs, international service providers, consultants and financiers to address the evolving opportunities in the global energy market.

Expected to attract some 26,000 attendees from local and international businesses, the show is meant to identify opportunities from Egypt, the North Africa and Mediterranean's future project requirements, and strategic priorities in the oil and gas sector.

It also provides direct access to the primary stakeholders involved in detailing the regions upcoming project plans, budget allocations, timelines, technical challenges and the opportunities to win contracts.

"It is a very important event as it helps us get in direct with new companies working in the field inside Egypt," said Fady Michel, marketing manager of an Egyptian lifting equipment company which focuses on inspection, certification, supply and production of all types of lifting gear.

He noted that this year's visitor turnout is huge as last year despite the spread of COVID-19 pandemic, adding that new companies have joined the exhibition this year.