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The E-Tadweer platform, in partnership with the Ministry of Environment, aims in collecting e-waste, works towards reducing deteriorating health risks
13.07.21 | Interesting article at Scoop empire

As Vodafone continues to serve as a leading telecommunications company in Egypt for all the right reasons, they have also risen up to the task of humanity. As part of their global strategy for preserving and protecting the environment, Vodafone Egypt plans on eliminating 50% of all carbon emissions from their company by 2025, as well as implementing 100% renewable energy. By 2040, they plan on completely discarding any carbon emissions from their company, as they continue to carry out their responsibility in setting up the appropriate example for others to follow suit. One highly pivotal move by Vodafone Egypt includes recycling electronic waste as yet another way of relying on sustainable development and distancing themselves from unnecessary harm to the environment.

Partnering up with the public and private sectors, Vodafone Egypt strives to raise awareness on environmental issues, as well as addressing them head on with projects that seek to find solutions for environmental challenges within the Egyptian community. Currently, three of Vodafone Egypt’s buildings are powered through solar energy, and the disposal of any and all non-essential plastic content within all Vodafone branches is underway. In addition, the plastic bags will also be substituted with sustainable and recyclable cloth/paper bags.