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Minister of International Cooperation Rania el Mashat put all her support behind the push for cooperation around a green and circular economy.
15.12.20 | Interesting article at Egypt Today

"The years 2020-2021 must be the ‘Years of Multilateralism,’ as we push the frontiers of international cooperation by building back greener through public-private partnerships," Mashat said in an essay published on the European Investment Bank's website.

We no longer have the luxury of paying lip-service to environmental initiatives. We must plan, act and push for progress. We stand at the precise moment of a transformational period in human history—a moment that requires scaling up interventions and solidarity to change our world for the better.

To reinvigorate green growth, Egypt was able to forge ahead through public-private dialogue and international cooperation. This approach ensures that the public leadership meets national priorities and objectives and at the same time engages with the private sector to encourage innovation and growth according to the environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles.