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Experts say that the duration of the buildings reconciliation law needs to be extended to ensure the structural safety of violating buildings.
25.10.20 | Interesting article at Ahram Online

The recent reconciliation law on building code violations prohibits the settlement of violations to the code concerning buildings built on state land, river embankments, or heritage sites. Settlement will also be denied on buildings that are not structurally sound and that pose a threat to dwellers.

According to the law, the owners of buildings built in violation of the building codes and applying for a settlement pay for the advisory committee obligated by law to visit the site to evaluate the building and produce a report on it.

The applicants must also bear the cost of an engineering consultant’s report that includes the blueprints of the building, the load-bearing distribution, and the thickness of the concrete pillars on each floor, as well as other engineering details based on the building’s construction specifications.

It will then be decided whether the specifications are appropriate for the activity for which the building has been built, whether commercial, offices, residential, or other.